About FLX

FLX Bio, Inc. is a privately-held biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery and development of orally-available, small molecule drugs that target the fundamental immune drivers of cancer and inflammatory diseases. We are leveraging our integrated drug discovery platform to identify novel therapeutic targets that regulate the immune response to disease. In parallel, we pursue rational strategies for patient selection to determine the patients most likely to respond to this therapeutic approach.

Our most advanced small molecule therapeutic FLX475 has the potential to treat multiple types of cancers. FLX475 inhibits a key receptor called CCR4, which is found preferentially on regulatory T (Treg) and Th2 cells. Treg cells play a pivotal role in suppressing the immune response to cancer. FLX475 is currently being tested in Phase 1 studies in healthy volunteers, with a study in patients with cancer expected to begin by the end of 2018. FLX475 has the potential to be used alone or in combination with checkpoint inhibitors. We will select patients for our clinical studies based on biomarkers and genetic analyses that indicate these patients may be more likely to respond to FLX475.

We are developing several additional best-in-class small molecule compounds including FLX193, an anti-inflammatory CCR4 antagonist targeting Th2 cells, and a GCN2 antagonist for the treatment of cancer. We expect to employ our patient selection strategy across all clinical studies to maximize potential benefit to patients.

Located in South San Francisco, Calif., and funded by leading investors, including The Column Group (TCG), Kleiner Perkins (KP), Topspin Partners, GV and Celgene Corporation, we have assembled a leadership team and advisory group with a proven track record of success and team of scientists with substantial knowledge and expertise in drug discovery and translational areas essential to execute on this approach.